Monday, June 9, 2008

Meeting new friends

The next day, Pam told us that another group member was coming down from New Jersey to stay for a few days in her rv, which she keeps in a park not far Pam. So we headed to the park to meet Andy and her neighbors. This was quite a memorable experience. They were all very welcoming, with plenty of hugs and laughter to go around. And some more wine...

Afterwards we headed to the "local" restaurant, Ida Mae's: An old house given new life as a restaurant (see pic). We had breakfast for dinner: french toast and a cheese omelet. And of course biscuits too because we heard they were the best. And yes, they were light and yummy.

We then tried to find a car wash where Bella would fit. That was quite a challenge. Though Bella could fit, Bernie could only wash one side at a time. Then had to turn Bella around and wash the other side. Not an easy task that took plenty of quarters...

Then back to Pam's and since we planned to leave the next day, it was our last night at Pam's, who was sad to see us go.

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