Sunday, June 29, 2008

A German town

We left Dahlonega today and drove to Helen, GA. Helen is a small town where everything is built to resemble a German town.

After driving down beautiful country roads and up and down really big "hills", we entered "Germany". It was sooo cute. Bernie started taking pictures right away. We found a great parking space for Bella and went to explore the town. Helen is lovely. The buildings are all done in the old fashioned Tudor style. There was a candy shop called Hansel and Gretel, how adorable. The German influence can be seen everywhere.

We walked around, went window shopping, going in and out of very unique shops. Of course many had German items, such as beer stouts, typical hats, and authentic lederhosen … which Bernie thought she would look smashing in (see pic). Glancing at restaurant menus, it seemed there was only one that offered German food, which was kind of disappointing. We got over that quickly enough though when we saw the funnel cakes, which, of course, we couldn't resist. They were very yummy. Mar loves funnel cakes :-)

There is also a river that runs through the town in which you can go tubing. You start at one end and go all the way down, about a forty-five minute float. Then they pick you up at the end and drive you back. Very much like a “lazy river”. The river was so pretty but it was raining so we didn't get to go.

Because of the rain we headed back to Bella and decided to hit the road. We found the Walmart in Cornelia, GA and spent the night there, not far from Helen.

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  1. Just wondering if you went to the shop a husband and wife own. He makes hand carved wooden bowls, platters, etc and she make beautiful stained glass items. We spent a good deal of time in that shop.