Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweet Sunday

Today was Sunday and we got to sleep in. That was really nice. We are still at NN's waiting for Bernie's bicycle, which should be here soon, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

After working online and getting some things ready for dinner, Bernie went to mass at a local church. When she got back she started up the grill and made pork tenderloin with sliced potatoes and fresh squash on the grill. Everything was delicious. We cleaned up and Bernie and NN talked and watched TV until they called Mar to come downstairs to have coffee and crumb cake with them.

Today we looked at the employment section of the Sunday paper. Since we're here, we might as well try to get some work to replenish our trip funds and be able to continue our trip. Bernie is trying everything she can to get work, she is going stir crazy, she needs to work. But so far no luck with a job. Bernie will do pretty much anything: wash windows, lay tile, clean, carpentry, drywall, detail cars, or fix anything that needs fixing. But so far no luck with a job.

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