Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Packing Tuesday

Today we woke up and finished getting packed to leave. When we came downstairs NN had baked us an applesauce cake!!! What a wonderful surprise (and it was very yummy too!). We were with NN for only a few days and it seemed as if we had always known her. It seemed like we had tons of our stuff to put back in Bella. It was crazy.

We finally were ready to hit the road in the late afternoon. After running a couple of errands, we decided we were hungry and ready for dinner. We found a Cuban restaurant called Little Cuba and had Mar’s favorite Cuban dish for dinner: ropa vieja. Along with rice and beans and yucca … yum!!

Our appetizer was a huge mound of “mariquitas” (sort of like potato chips but made from plantains) and we had plenty of leftovers for tomorrow :-)

After dinner, we headed to downtown Atlanta and found a bookstore and coffee shop in midtown called Out Write. Very cute place in a very hip area of town, and the staff was really friendly. The bookstore is at the corner of Piedmont and 10th.

Since we had plenty of time, Bernie decided to try to earn some gas money by offering foot massages to passersbys, but there were no takers this time … maybe we’ll have better luck next time …

We then searched for a place to park for the night. We decided to find a Walmart and figured out that we must travel away from downtown to find one that is open 24 hours. We went towards Morrow and set up camp when we got there, we were very tired and ready for some rest and relaxation.

We will miss NN. As of today, Bernie's bike is still not in. There seems to be no phone number to call for the Walmart online ordering center and every time we call the store, they don’t seem to be able to help. Hopefully it will be in tomorrow!

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