Friday, June 27, 2008

When life gives you lemons

Since the Walmart website hasn’t been updated with our order information and no one seems to be able to help us on the phone, we headed back to the Walmart in Stone Mountain, where Bernie’s bike is to be delivered (and we were supposed to pick up a week ago, geez!).

Turns out the bike won’t be here till Monday – they sure seem to have a funny way of counting “business” days on the Walmart calendar – so now we had to decide what to do next. We thought we’d be on our way to South Carolina by now. When life gives you lemons ….

As we went over our options, we remembered that several people have recommended we visit a cute German town called Helen and since it’s not that far from Atlanta, we decided to go there for the weekend.

But first, we had to take care of Bella’s needs. We got gas ($3.88/gallon), we got her oil changed, tire pressure checked, added oil to the generator, filled up the fresh water tank, and got propane too. After all that, we went to dinner at Applebee’s since we had a gift card (of course) and then took a shower at L.A.Fitness … AND then we were all ready for the road.

Since it was getting pretty late, we decided to drive to Dahlonega and find the Walmart there to spend the night, on our way to Helen. As we got closer to Dahlonega, the drive sure got interesting, going up and down hills in the rain … again, being from flat Florida having all these hills everywhere takes a little getting used to.

And since this Walmart had a Red Box, we rented "Michael Clayton". Pretty good movie. Red Box is a really great way to catch up with all the movies we've missed.


  1. mar and bernie- you 2 are an inspiration to me! i have dreamed of taking off and living the dream that you are now. i will be leaving in a few weeks... myself, my dog and my camera. i will be keeping track of your travels along the way. i started my blog tonight, to start collecting my thoughts in these last weeks before i am on the road. i'll keep in touch.. keep blogging! diane

  2. Mar & Bernie,

    Are you members of RVW?
    If not, log on to and
    join this wonderful organization.
    The 2008 National RVW convention is in Charleston, SC this September and Peg & I are driving our 36 foot Southwind out there from California.

    Check it out?