Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here we go...

Today was the day. Finally our preparations were over. We could hit the road and drive as far as we wanted. Go with the flow. See where the road takes us...

We left Orlando on a hot afternoon and drove towards the east coast. We decided to spend one more night in Florida, before we headed out of state. We drove to Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral, without reservations and lucky for us, they had plenty of spots available. We thought the park was on the beach. We soon learned it was pretty close but there was not a view of the water from the campsite.

We were happy to be at a campground for the fist time and we set out to explore. We walked to the bathrooms first. We wanted to check them out. Showering in public showers was not something either of us had ever thought we would do. On our walk to the bath house we met a couple who lived only an hour from the park, we introduced ourselves and they were very excited to learn about our adventure.

Then we walked to the beach. This was wonderful. There was a boardwalk where you could take in the smells, the sounds, and the sights. Mar climbed onto the railing and sat there taking in the experience, while Bernie went to explore the dunes and the beach.

Afterwards we walked back to Bella and had our very first dinner in the RV. We had chicken salad sandwiches and chips. We had a nice, quiet night, our very first night in our very first campground.

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