Sunday, June 1, 2008

In the beginning...

It all started with a birthday. And a dream. The kind of dream you believe will never happen yet you hold onto it hoping it will come true one day.

Mar's birthday is in the summer. Just as friends do, one day we were talking about how to best celebrate her next birthday. Mar had always wanted to get in the car and just drive without a destination or plans. And Bernie said, "Let's do it". This is how it all started. As we talked about it we realized that with lots of planning, we could spend a whole year traveling. We decided that what we wanted to do was to go around the whole perimeter of the United States, visiting all the outside states.

Then Bernie convinced Mar that an RV was the way to go, not having to find a hotel every night on the road. As the months continued to pass the trip became a bigger and bigger deal. It took several months and lots of reading, researching and searching for advice. Then the big day came when we found the perfect RV for the trip. As we drove her home we decided she needed a name.

And that day La Casita Bella became our third travel partner. Bella is a 22 ft Ford v10 2000 Four Winds Five Thousand, with only 28k miles. However, before we left we needed to do some remodeling to make Bella fit our travel needs. So for the next three days, we took care of everything.

1 comment:

  1. I have had that same dream for years! RV'ing along the coastlines of the U.S.
    Sounds Wonderful..thanks for keeping my dream a possibility!
    I will be watching for updates!