Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bernie's birthday

Today was Bernie’s birthday and it was an awesome day. She got the birthday present she asked for, a body massage at the Leola Inn spa. The massage therapist was great and the spa was amazing. It must have been designed by a woman because they thought of every possible detail, including a fluffy white bathrobe and slippers for lounging and relaxing.

The next surprise was the birthday dinner and it was a secret. Mar would not tell Bernie anything about it and Bernie had no idea of where we were going. We drove an hour and a half and instead of taking us to a restaurant, our GPS took us to a house in a regular neighborhood.

Mar told Bernie to just knock on the door and ask about the address. Bernie thought this was crazy but she went to ring the doorbell. When the door opened it was the house of two friends we had met in Provincetown when we were working there for Women’s Week. Bernie was so excited and totally surprised, she jumped into their arms and hugged them.

Mar had made secret plans to come to Towson MD and spend Bernie’s birthday with them because Bernie had mentioned she really wanted to see our friends again. They were great. They had dinner for us and birthday cupcakes. After dinner we got to play games. We had so much fun and we even got to spend the night.

Mar did all the work in the RV to get us ready to go. Bernie got to relax and do nothing for her birthday. This was truly an amazing day!!


  1. Happy Birthday Bernie. A little late, but hey. Glad to see your blogging again. Have you finished all that chocolate yet?

  2. happy birthday bernie.
    mine was nov 10th and i had a very nice time with 2 of my fave singers, brent burns and lisa christian here in gulf shores.
    i dare say you are a few yrs behind me in the birthday accumulation dept tho. the best present i am getting (other than the duct tape wallet) is my SS retirement check.