Sunday, November 16, 2008

The white stuff

We woke up in Andrea’s guest room to an official cold, cold day. After a snow storm with thunder and lightning, everything was covered with several inches of snow, including Bella. So our plans have changed and we will get to spend some extra time in Erie PA.

Andy and Bernie made a quick run to the Walmart down the street to pick up a couple of things. Bernie helped one of Andy’s neighbors who got his car stuck in the snow.

Later Andy made dinner for us by combining some steak stew she had with some leftover mushroom veggie soup we had, to make a wonderful comforting meal, perfect for this weather. Then Bernie made dessert, peanut butter fudge and home made ice cream. It was Bernie’s first attempt at making ice cream and it was delicious. Mar did the laundry in Andy's basement.

We plugged Bella in so she wont’ freeze and turned on the heat inside. One good thing about being snowed in is that we got to watch our favorite stations all day. Mar’s favorite is the Food Network and Bernie’s is HGTV.

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  1. You didn't mention that Bella was attacked by a big tree branch falling on her front bumper, caused either by the weight of the snow or lightning, or both. We heard a loud crack and found Bella being hugged by a heavy swag of snow-laden evergreen. Thankfully, Bella didn't suffer any bruises or scratches. Whew!