Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chocolate world

We were freezing when we woke up in the Hershey’s Chocolate World parking lot. But we can't argue with location, location, location.

We got dressed and went in. We found out that the 3D show was about to start. We decided to get tickets and go right in. It was Bernie's first three dimensional movie ever. The 3D is done really well and they even use props to make it feel more real, involving all the senses. It was so much fun, it is a really good show and of course, it’s about chocolate.

We still needed to warm up so we got coffee and hot chocolate. Then we went to take the tour. The tour is part walking and part riding in a cart, and you learn how chocolate is made. It was a great learning experience, who knew there were that many steps to making chocolate?!

Then we walked around some more this fun place. Bernie got to work on the Hershey Kiss assembly line and got the official hat. Of course we could not leave without trying something so we had a peanut butter brownie. It was yummy.

Then it was time to leave. We have tickets to see two of the houses by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the next couple of days, so tonight we drove almost four hours to Chalk Hill PA. We drove up and down mountains until we found the first house, and parked just outside the gates for the night. We get to tour the house tomorrow.

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