Monday, November 3, 2008


Today we drove about 3 hours to Easton PA.

On the way we stopped in Philadelphia to see the Fairmount Park and the Fairmount Water Works. It is a beautiful park with large buildings lining the water. There are thick, tall columns enclosing a veranda that looks as if you could hold a ball in there. There are several spots that overlook the water and a small waterfall. Across the water you can see the row houses all lit up, totally covered in lights, reflecting perfectly off the water. It is an enchanting place.

When we got to Easton we drove around in circles trying to find a place to park. First we tried the Catholic Church because we saw they have a large empty parking lot. But they actually rent out their spaces during the week so we couldn’t park there.

We kept driving around, mostly in circles around the downtown roundabout in Centre Square, trying to find a place to park. While driving around we saw the police station so we decided to ask them where we could park.

The police said we could park just on the other side of Centre Square where we had seen signs for Camper Parking. We had also seen signs for ‘no overnight parking’ and we told them that’s why we didn’t park there. They were very helpful and told us we could go ahead and park there. Maybe it helps that tomorrow is a weekday. So we found a spot in the Camper Parking area and settled in for the night.

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