Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The falls

The weather is not getting any warmer. It’s not getting any colder either so we decided to hit the road today. We gathered our things, packed and prepared Bella, said goodbye to our good friend Andrea, and headed heroically north. Yes, north. You may think we are crazy (and we may think so too) but once on a journey there is just no turning back. You’re only young once … or is that young and foolish …

Before we left, Bernie went to work on freeing Bella from the snow, she got about a foot of snow off of Bella's roof. Which was not easy since there was snow and ice all over the ground and she had to be on the top step of the ladder. Scary and cold.

We drove towards Niagara Falls NY. We were a little worried about the roads but we had a great drive, as we left Erie there seemed to be less and less snow on the ground. By the time we got to Buffalo there was actually no snow anywhere we could see.

Once we got to Niagara Falls it was already dark. Dark by 6:00 pm. We parked by the American Falls and walked down to look at the rushing water coming over the falls. It is incredible, it is an amazing feat of nature. There is a light show every night at the American Falls. The water is lit with a rainbow of colors, what an amazing, powerful place.

We found the Daredevils Museum, which had already closed, and parked in their small parking lot for the night. It is already 26 degrees here. We hope our old bones can still move when we wake up in the morning …


  1. I really hope you guys are prepared to deal with winter. Do you have snow tires or good tread on the RV tires? Do you have shovels to dig out and brooms to clear the snow off the RV? The colder it gets outside the more severe the wind chill facotr is going to be. All exposed skin should be protected if outside and cold & windy.
    Do you check all your exhaust vents to make sure tey are clear of snow/ice? Are the things hanging off you RV VERY secure? they will pick up weight with snow and ice.
    The stuff htey put on the roads to keep them clear is not good for your RV and can affect your brakes, exhaust system, and anything under your RV. also RV's are not really made for living in below freezing temps and roofs may not support heavy snow loads. I hope all the sealant and chalking around your vents, windows, etc is in good condition...or you will have plenty of leaks.
    Winter driving conditions alone require special techniques and takes experience and good judgement.
    be very careful out there.

  2. Thanks for letting me be a part of your blog. Your readers should know you are both delightful, considerate guests, and that they should not hesitate for a moment to invite you to stay wherever you go. (This unsolicited testimonial coming from someone who wrote a booklet on bed and breakfast guest etiquette.) And Bella does not take up much room in the driveway either. ;-)