Monday, November 17, 2008

Snow fight!

Today we got a couple more inches of snow. And as our friend Andrea explained: Bella was attacked by a big tree branch falling on her front bumper, caused either by the weight of the snow or lightning, or both. We heard a loud crack and found Bella being hugged by a heavy swag of snow-laden evergreen. Thankfully, Bella didn't suffer any bruises or scratches. Whew!

We went out to Bella to make sure all the pipes were ok and the electric was working. Once we were out there, of course we had to play in the snow. We made snowballs and ran in the snow. In some places the snow came up almost to our knees. This was Bernie's first snowball fight and she even fell down in the cold wet snow.

Andrea made us a delicious dinner of chicken a la king with cornbread. We had some great conversation and then got to watch some more of our favorite TV channels. We have to get it all in before we go back to having no TV and no cable.

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  1. mm snow, I cannot wait for some snow here! I just hope we don't get bad ice like last year.