Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ten Thousand Villages

We woke up next to The Pagoda, on top of a mountain overlooking the city. It was a little rainy but not too cold. We went to look at The Pagoda in the daylight. It is been restored and it’s covered in scaffolding on all four sides but it is easy to see that when the restorations are finished it will be beautiful.

Next we drove down Skyline Drive towards the Fire Tower. It is closed at the moment too but you can see it’s quite a piece of architecture. We then headed down this mountain, which has pretty amazing views and very steep grades.

We drove about half an hour to Ephrata PA to the post office there. Mar’s daughter sent her three boxes of her winter clothes, but only two arrived today. We were so glad to get winter clothes but the third box seems to be MIA. Bummer.

Then we went to the largest Ten Thousand Villages store in the US, right here in Ephrata. They sell jewelry, home decor, and gifts made by artisans in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. What an interesting store. Everything they sell is beautiful and creative, they even had crafts made out of materials such as soda cans and newspaper.

While there we made reservations for the Nicaraguan buffet tomorrow night. Every two weeks this store has music, entertainment and a buffet from a different country. We have never had any food from Nicaragua, but we are willing to try it.

Finally we headed to the local Walmart less than 5 minutes away. There we did our grocery shopping and got a movie from Redbox. Then we parked for the night.

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