Saturday, November 22, 2008


Bernie woke up extra early so she could go check out the hotel’s continental breakfast. It was slim pickings. She got a cinnamon roll for herself and a couple of biscuits for Mar. Then she went back to sleep for a couple more hours. Today we had to get up early so we could go get Bella at Camping World.

We got up with the alarm, packed, and waited in the lobby for our ride from CW.

We had to make some choices about the electrical system, it’s not exactly the way we wanted it but CW did fix it and now we have an 1800w inverter that works with four golf cart batteries.

We got back on the road and drove about two hours to Cuba NY. Mar was born in Cuba so we thought it would be fun to visit this town. It is a very small town with not much there. We found the Cuba Cheese Shoppe, where they make cheese but not Cuban cheese. We asked about Hispanic food and there are no Cuban restaurants here either. This is the strangest Cuba ever.

As we left there, Bernie saw a Catholic Church and when she looked at the clock, realized that mass was probably about to start. So we turned in to the parking lot and Bernie was able to go to the 5:30 pm service.

Next we went to the Holiday Wine and Dessert Party at the Cuba VFW. This was a Christmas toys fundraiser with raffles and auctions for beautiful wreaths and decorated Christmas trees.

After taking a quick look around the room, we headed to the Maple Lane Campground just down the road, less than a minute away. We decided to make an exception and go to a campground tonight because it has been snowing all day and it is just too cold to sleep without the heat on. The campground is completely covered in snow so the only thing available is electric. For $15 a night it is definitely worth it to sleep warm and toasty.


  1. when you make it to missouri there is cuba missouri right on I44.but dont expect a lot of hispanic food there either,lol.but it does have a few good places to eat,or did when i was last there.when will you be headed out of snow country?

  2. Will you make it to Illinois? Do you have an idea of when?
    Stay safe.

  3. also there is a Cuba, New Mexico, west of Santa Fe a couple o fhours. i read online that the Mexican restaurant there, Bruno's, is still open. it's also a small town

  4. there is a Cuba, New Mexico, also. it's about 2 hours west of Santa Fe. a small town with a Mexican restaurant called Bruno's

  5. Laura,

    Yes and no :-)

    Yes we will make it to Illinois at some point but no, we have no idea when. It will probably be next year and it'll have to be when it's NOT cold anymore!!!