Monday, November 24, 2008

More rain

While getting ready to leave today, Bernie went outside to dump and found that the traps were frozen shut. Oh boy … not good. Bernie borrowed a hair dryer from the front desk to try to thaw them out but she still could not get them to budge. We decided to just drive and hope for the best.

Through the window we had seen a bunch of rabbits. Bernie went outside to try to feed them some carrots and they came right up to her, they were not afraid at all and ate right from her gloved hand. The bunnies were so cute.

Then we disconnected and drove west towards Ohio. We drove through the Allegheny National Forest in PA and through a snow shower most of the way. We drove in low gear and under thirty mph the whole way. Lucky for us we were behind the plow truck most of the time. It sure was a pretty drive.

After leaving the Allegheny area, the roads were better, the snow lessened, but it rained constantly, it rained the rest of the way without a break.

We drove almost five hours total and finally stopped at the Camping World in Akron OH for the night. We tried to dump and thankfully, everything worked fine. All the jostling during the drive here and the slightly warmer temperature in OH, seem to have done the trick. Looks like we won’t need to have Bella’s pipes checked out in the morning after all.

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  1. Sorry to rain on your parade but unless your RV is set up for winter use you risk encountering problems that potentially could end your journey or dip deeply into your pocket. RVs really aren’t designed for driving in the snow so the adventure is further endangered every time you get on the road not to mention risking yourself and the other people on the road with you. We don’t want to read about a sad tragedy that could have been avoided, please start using the good common sense God gave you and get out of the snow.